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by 88 | Demo. 2006+ (Work in progress).


I have primarily approached the arts as a pathway to look into and try to understand the environment and a way to cope with anxiety, loss, or other emotions.  Materially, this has been expressed as small groupings of work that (in varying degrees) interweave photography, text, and illustration — a triangulation of mediums that can help home-in on an idea.  The northern Plains has been a recurring literal/figurative backdrop in this work.  Of the areas of the US I have lived in, this landscape has had the strongest personal impact and resonance.  In recent years I have begun to focus on photomacrography, drawn in by the architecture of the smaller world.  At this scale, the image capturing process can take on an exploratory nature, transporting one to a place where seas of scales cover a butterfly’s wing and canyon walls are carved into minerals.

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